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“Snowhite’s Secret Box” was an exhibition based on the book “Snowhite” where the author freely adapted the story of Snow White, by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

In 2010, Ana Juan founded with Manolo Gordillo the publishing house No Time, whose first project was the compilation of all the sketches and ideas that had been the seed of the book “Snowhite” to produce “Snowhite´s Secret Box”. A limited edition wooden box containing the protagonist’s personal belongings and a sketchbook where you can follow the creative process of the book. In them, the artist recovers the original narrative spirit and tells a cruel story based on deeply evil characters. Ana Juan investigates the territory of the ominous, questioning the message of the original story, to raise a demonstration about the loneliness of women and the inability to govern her own destiny.

This exhibition featured an interactive montage in which, based on the excuse of finding the secret box, the universe of little Snowhite was opened to the public. The characters acquired three-dimensional shapes through artistic games of traditional and simple mechanisms that took up the optical, kinetic, trompe l’oeil or artifice elements of the past. Traditional games that allow us to take our imagination very far.

This exhibition was the origin of the interactive exhibition “Ana Juan, dibujando al otro lado” Ana Juan, drawing to the other side ”.