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The title of this project is an analogy: individuality as part of an unattainable whole.

“TODO Y PARTE”, “Everything and Part” is a visual fable that tells of humour and death, cruelty and love, and reminds us of the fragility of this adventure that is life.

This analogy began with the design of the exhibition (the beginning of the project), materializing in a 2 x 2 m drawing. Which in turn is composed of 47 drawings, independent of each other, but at the same time necessary to interrelate, creating a total image, and telling us a story within other stories.

Tales that tell us other tales about the chain of life that ends with death to start again.

Drawings made with graphite on bamboo paper, mounted on a wooden frame.

This project is a claim and declaration of my love for the drawing as a discipline in itself.

Drawing is my universal language with which I relate to the world, the house I live in and the drifting boat that has saved me countless times from shipwrecking.

“Everything and part” is a living project that does not find its end when the exhibition close its doors. The sold pieces that fall from the branches of the tree are replaced by other different pieces so the tree of life continues to grow and the life chain continues its never ending course.

The first exhibition of “Everyting & Part” was hosted at the Gallery “La Factoría de Papel”, Madrid, Spain, 2019

The second exhibition of “Everything & Part/The Great Battle” was hosted at the Gallery Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, Germany, 2023

The thrid exhibition of “Everything & Part/The Great Battle II” was hosted at Complesso Culturale San Paolo, Modena, Italy, 2023