Ana Juan. Drawing on the other side

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Ana Juan, dibujando al otro lado

The interactive exhibition “Ana Juan, drawing on the other side” , brings us into the creative universe of this internationally reknown illustrator.

This exhibition reveals the creative process of two different editorial projects: Another turn of the Screw by Henry James and Snowhite by Ana Juan in both proposals the visitor will have two roles: as a reader he will see all the original illustrations of the books, but as a gamer he will enjoy the interactive part of the show, entitled: Erthaland, Snowhite’s Secret Tale.

It is an interactive graphic adventure created by UNIT Experimental (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). The visitor can immerse in this adventure, and go on a virtual visit to the House of Hawthorn where Snowhite lives with her stepmother. Using tablets and glasses the Museum is turned into the scene of a videogame, “Erthaland”. Augmented reality and a recreated animation enrich the exhibition revealing new points of view and many details of the works on ink and pencil by Ana Juan.

The “Ana Juan, dibujando al otro lado” app is  available for tablets smartphones IOS and Android for free in the following links: